Happy News!

We are so happy to announce that we are expecting a baby in March! I'm due over spring break so I think we'll have to go deliver in Cancun.

Here are the questions I get most often, in case you are wondering the same.

1. When did you find out?

We figured it out while we were in Greece this summer. It was kind of fun to be speculating but not really be sure. We kept saying "do you think....?" and kind of grinning. We confirmed as soon as we got back. I kept that little test on the counter all day waiting for Peter to come home. I must have looked at it 100 times!

2. How far along are you?

12 weeks. Tuesday I will begin my second trimester. No, I'm not showing yet.

3. Do you know the sex yet?

No, it's too early.

4. When will you find out?

In March, on delivery day! (collective gasp of horror) Yes, we are are going to wait to find out. We think it will be fun to guess! I was unprepared for how strongly the general public feels about this decision and how openly they will argue with me about it.

5. Will you stay home after the baby is born?

I think so. It's hard to even think about that right now because I'm so wrapped up in the beginning of school. That's always been the plan though. To be honest, I'm worried about being bored at home all day! I nearly died during the summer and during the part of our life in Canada that I was unemployed. I'm sure it will be different with a baby though.

6. Do you have names picked out?

No. Lol...we have about 2 boy names we like and 0 girls names. Guess we should eventually get a baby name book.

7. Do you want a boy or a girl?

I want a girl. Peter wants a boy. Shocker.

8. How are you feeling?

I have been feeling great! I haven't had much nausea, usually only followed by a strong smell. Oddly, I can't stand the smell of pancakes and syrup right now. And anything with a gross or strong smell makes me gag, like trash or feta cheese or dogfood. I've also been super tired. Hopefully all that will pass soon now that I'm through the first trimester.

9. How did Peter react when you told him?

He had the sweetest reaction. It's a moment I will treasure always. I had waited all day to tell him because I didn't want to tell him on the phone. I bought some teeny all-star sneakers and gave them to him when he got home. At first he didn't get it...then he figured it out and his face was precious. He just hugged me and hugged me and (don't tell him I said this) his eyes got a little watery. He is just so excited he can hardly stand it. He will be such a wonderful father and he loves the little peanut already.

10. Have you had an ultrasound yet?

Yes, we went in a 10 weeks and had our first look at the little guy. It was just an inexplicable feeling to see the little peanut wiggling around and stretching. We heard the heartbeat and it was strong and so comforting to hear and see it flickering on the screen.

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Rachie said...

what great news! i'm sorry to be responding to this via a blog comment, but i just couldn't help but let you know i'm so excited for you both!