Bathroom project

Ever since we moved in (nearly a year ago) I've wanted to change some things up in our bathroom. The lighting was horrible and the wall colors just made the lighting worse. So for nearly a year I haven't hung anything up in there because I kept saying, let's paint the bathroom this weekend...well, 10 months later, I finally did. I painted it myself (lovely, calming blue), but had the expert help of my Dad and Peter to help redo the lighting (they added fixtures above the mirror and a beautiful, sparkly chandelier above the bathtub). Then I gathered up and arranged all of our wedding stuff and accessorized a little. I love it, I could just live in there.

Before: Yawn

After: Pretty!

The lovely chandelier and (finally!) a home for our wedding card frame that I made 4 years ago! Love reading the wedding blessings written by our friends and family.

The chandelier without the light on, so you can see how pretty the details are!

 And this is how the floor of my bathroom usually looks when I'm in there...who needs nice rugs anyway.

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