15 weeks

I promise I won't be one of those girls who gets really obsessed with her pregnancy and suddenly symptoms, doctor's visits and name lists become the only things she talks about. Those girls bug me. BUT. I've had some requests for a bump update.

It's really more of an "I had a family sized bag of cheetos and a 44 oz. coke for lunch" bump than an obvious baby bump. I confess, I'm looking forward to appearing a little more pregnant and a little less like I'm just stuffed from a gluttonous lunch.

Also I have to say. While I love seeing other girls' bump photos on blogs and facebook, it's kind of embarrasing to do it myself. The photo is grainy! I look fat! The mirror is dirty! I have bags under my eyes!

But I'm tryin to keep it real.

So, here's 15 weeks.



The Shackelford's said...

You look so cute!! I LOVE hearing, talking, and seeing anything baby so if you ever feel like you want to share please do so :)You will definitely look back and be thankful for all the bump pictures even if it's from eating a big lunch! Have a great weekend!!

Kat said...

Um....you don't look fat, AT ALL. You look like you are growing another human being!! And if you have bags under your eyes, I sure can't see them!