Warning: Due to the graphic nature of this post...

A few weekends ago we went over to a neighbor's house in the evening to hang out with them and another couple. As we walked up to the house we saw the two guys in the garden with gardening tools held high over head. When we asked them what the heck they were doing, they said they had seen a rattlesnake in the garden and it had darted under a bush.

So they were hunting it.


Now, I'm not necessarily afraid of snakes, but I wasn't real interested in teasing a rattlesnake out of the bushes so I went inside. A little later we girls heard a commotion on the porch so I went outside to see if someone got bit.

Instead what I found was a severed snake body and my darling hubby holding a bloody garden hoe while the other boys looked on with some amount of reverence.

The snake was still a little bit alive, so then dear Peter whacked off it's head once and for all. All at once, the boys began recounting how they had pulled back the bush and found the snake coiled up underneath. Joe had the garden hoe and the boys told him to hit the snake, Joe refused and handed the hoe to Ryan. Ryan didn't want any part of that snake either and handed the hoe to Peter who bravely hacked that snake to death. Hail the conquering hero! (I leave the actual size of the snake to your imagination.)

Ahhh west Texas...my front garden is a wreck, but I haven't been out there since.  

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