Not even lying

Last weekend at the dog park we met a couple who had just moved here from Chicago and chatted them up a bit. We all exchanged general info (where are you from, what do you do, why are you in Midland) and we all decided we should get together. Peter and I didn't have our phones with us, so we had to give them our number and hope for the best. We heard from them later in the week and decided to get together Saturday night for dinner. I invited them to meet at our house for a drink first and then go together to a restaurant.

After the arrangements were made, I started thinking back over our conversation and realized she never shared what she does. So of course I started speculating. I don't know this girl, so I have no grounds for any of my ideas. But regardless, I decided I thought she was an interior designer.

Then I started fretting.

Because I just did this in my guest bathroom (which I think is cute, but could be considered tacky I suppose, by a professional)

And I just did this on my mantle, which again, I think is great. But very well could be (as Tim Gunn would say) a lot of look.

Then I stopped fretting because I think my house is pretty and there was no way I guessed right anyway.

I mean, what are the chances?

She could be anything.

Then it was Saturday night and they showed up right on time and I offered them drinks and we settled in for a chat before dinner. And I asked her "so what do you do?" And she said "I used to work in the fashion industry and now I'm an interior designer."


The end.

P.S. Dinner was great, they seem really nice!

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