Hi blog, I forgot about you for a few days

because I got a job!

As of this morning, I am a kindergarten teacher at my neighborhood school!


I think.

Today was the first full day and OH. MY. GOSH. THEY. ARE. SO. LITTLE.

So cute. But so SMALL.

The story is: there were too many in each of the other classes so at week 4 they added a class and hired me!

So when I got there last Friday my room looked like this:

bibbity bobbety boo....

(ok, it may not look THAT different to you, but it was ALOT of work. Which, incidently, Peter helped out alot with. BLESS HIM.)

It's not going to be easy and I acknowledge that. Starting 4 weeks in with a handful of each teacher's kids will be a challenge.  Comforting their distraught parents and getting them to trust me even more so. BUT I CAN DO IT. (I have to say that REAL CONFIDENT because I'm not sure I quite believe it myself.)

Wish me luck.


Kate said...

You'll be fantastic!! And the room looks incredibly different...but that's coming from a teacher's daugther, so I know how much time that took. It looks amazing though. And yes...just kep chanting that to yourself. It helps a lot...I know from experience ;)

Katie said...

You'll be great! Deep breaths!! The room looks wonderful! Off to a great start!

Kat said...

The room looks fantastic- I can't believe how hard you two worked to get it all together so fast!

You are going to do GREAT!!! Those are some very lucky kiddos, to have you for a teacher!

Anonymous said...

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