I'm sorry. I've been busy.

Wrangling 5 year olds.

No, they didn't tie me to a chair and lock me in the closet, though some days I wish they would. It would be so quiet and dark in there...I could take a little nap...

Truthfully though, success is measured by the minute in my job. Sometimes I think some of them might have learned something, sometimes I'm pretty sure I've lost control entirely. I think the pendulum is swinging more to the learning side though mostly. There are proud little moments when one of them will start naming words that start with our sound of the week (which was P this week...one little guy got on a roll yesterday...pirate! pumpkin! pie! popcorn! pickle!) or one will point out sight words we are learning (their favorite is and, they find it everywhere and point it out).

And then there are days when I'd like to poke my eye out because they are turning chairs over to stand on the bottom and "surf" and I'm constantly fighting the battle of going OVER or UNDER furniture instead of around. And the TATTLING makes me CRAZY. And...

I could go on. But I won't.

Peter pointed out that my job reminds him alot of golf (stick with me, it makes sense) because in golf he will have like 15 rounds in a row that are terrible and make him want to back over his clubs. But THEN. Then, he will have one golden round where everything clicks, his swing is just right, his aim is dead-on, the stars all align and once again he loves the game. The one golden game balances out all the bad ones. He pointed out my job is the same. Occasionally, I get a golden day (usually when one of my troublemakers is sick, which I tell you its the troublemakers who have the most healthy immune systems, or at least the most unsympathetic moms) and everyone listens and participates, and no one wrecks anything, and there is no fighting and arguing about glue bottles or line order spots, and we actually get to do everything I have planned and I think to myself "hallelujah, they LEARNED something today!"

I'm still getting used to kinder, and the jury is out on whether its something I really like or not. They are very little. I get called Mama alot, and I tie ALOT of shoes and they are really wiggly. But I also get alot of hugs and they can be really funny. And they absolutely SOAK UP knowledge like sponges.

Can't believe its almost November already, fall is marching right along!

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Kat said...

You know WHY the difficult children are never home sick?

Their parents know just how difficult they are, and have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in dealing with them at home!!! Hahahaha! (But seriously. They want the lil' hellraisers out of their hair!)

I am glad to hear that things are going well for you in Texas!