Got an email from someone at Alberta Education asking for an updated address and confirmation that I finished my Canadian History course (which I did, months ago). I explained that I have moved and that I would not need to continue the certification process. Then she responded with this:

We have just recently undergone a regulatory change, and individuals who meet the academic and professional requirements and hold a valid work permit may be issued the Alberta Interim Professional Certificate to teach in Alberta. As you still hold a work permit valid to May 2011 the change affects you. Once I am in receipt of a transcript confirming the successful completion of 3 semester hour credits in Canadian Studies, you will be issued the Alberta Interim Professional Certificate.

It just makes me laugh. And then cry. And then throw something through the window. ONE WEEK after I leave Alberta they decide to change THE ONE RULE that kept me from being fully certified in Canada.
Good grief.


Kathryn said...

Yup...they also are removing any retired teachers from the sub list (almost 400 of them in Calgary alone!) to "make room for teachers transitioning from the classroom to the sub list and back again" (aka...all the teachers they laid off this year are going on the sub list until budgets get better).

Boo-urns for bad timing...it's Alberta's loss!

Classical Ballet School said...

Ouch! That really sucks, but I'm still selfishly thrilled that you moved closer ;)

Peter and Anne said...

Are you starting a CBS blog? You better be more committed to it than you were to your personal blog!

Anonymous said...

I just have it saved for now. We'll se how it goes.