Coming to you live from Starbucks

We are moved into the new house, busy rearranging and organzing because the movers (bless them, I'm so grateful) upacked everything and the house looks like a stuff-bomb has gone off. There is STUFF EVERYWHERE. Lamp parts scattered in all rooms, batteries and light bulbs stuck in the oddest places, ramdom things missing (that I KNOW will turn up eventually) like laundry baskets and picture frames. We've never had a place this big and its been very fun filling up closets and lining things up in the pantry (I've never had a pantry before!). And the closets DO FILL UP. Where did all this stuff come from?

I'm at Starbucks using their wifi because the cable guy doesn't come until tomorrow and my laptop battery is about to die. More about Midland, our house, new appliances and rattlesnakes later when I have more time to type (yes, I said rattlesnakes).

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