Until we move into our new house in Midland (Friday!) we are staying at an apartment in Odessa, which is the neighboring town. The saying goes "raise hell in Odessa, raise a family in Midland." As you know, I'm such a fan of raising hell, so Odessa fits like a glove.


Today we went to the "mall" (if you can call it that) in Odessa. It is a long building with a Sears at one end and a Dillards at the other, lined on either side with cheap, tacky stores and punctuated in the middle with an 8 foot recreation of Moses' tablet with the 10 commandments engraved in 4 inch block letters, complete with a row of chairs in front, in case you feel the need to reflect on God's commands whilst shopping for some shorty-shorts and a sequinned tube top. We were headed to Dillards for polos for Peter, but parked by Sears and as we walked the length my heart sank farther and farther into my shoes and panic rose in my throat at the utter lack of legitimate and non slut-tastic shopping options. 

Most everyone in Odessa is significantly overweight, the main streets are 7 lanes wide, there are no sidewalks, nobody recycles, there are no organic choices and I have not seen even one person walking a dog or riding a bike.

Maybe Midland is better...

But for now, I miss Calgary.

On a happy note, we have found a potential group of friends to hang out with. The boys work with Peter and one of the wives is also in education. Both couples also live in our neighborhood and have dogs.

Friday can't get here soon enough!

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Brooke & Freeland said...

So funny. You crack me up. Congratulations on the house (btw: who is your mortgage person out of curiosity? I still work with our group in West Texas so I was wondering if I knew the name) Glad yall are back in Texas! Hope the transition goes well.