Just kidding about the cell phone

Thanks to my brilliant-problem-solver-mother, I have a cell phone! She suggested a "throw-away" phone, which interprets as a pre-paid cell, and doesn't require a credit check.

And since I'm the proud new owner of a VERY BASIC cell phone with a 432 area code, I marched myself into the substitute office at MISD and handed in my subbing application (sadly, the next orientation isn't until Sept 20, which I suppose gives me lots of time to "nest" in our new home before I start working) and then stopped into the HR office to "ask how to update my contact information" (even though I know perfectly well how to do it online) and ended up talking with the HR head honcho about what Texas certification tests I should take. There are no jobs to be had in MISD just now, but at least I got SOMEONE to look at my application and realize I exist. He said to keep my ears open for the next few weeks, as there is some amount of shifting at the beginning of the year. I'm not counting on that, but hopefully the subbing will open some doors for me.

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