Not much to report

2,232 miles later...we arrived in Midland (technically Odessa, where we will be staying until we move into the new house) on Monday evening. Peter started work on Tuesday and has been enjoying getting to know everyone in the office and digging into his new responsibilities. I think he was restless after being away from work for so many days, what with all the packing and driving. He is glad to be busy again.

I am a bit stuck for awhile. I can't really apply for subbing (which is the new plan, as I haven't heard anything from any schools about a job) until I have a phone number, and I can't get a cell phone without a credit report, and my mortgage company has forbade any further credit pulls until our loan closes next week.


It's really hot here. In the triple digits every day.
And the water tastes like lakewater.

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