By the way...since I forgot to blog it...and you may not realize...

We left Calgary yesterday to drive to Midland.

We had been staying at Tim and Christine's since our stuff was packed up, and when we left I admit that I fully burst into tears. The weepy, nose-runny, throat-chokey kind of crying. And then I continued for about an hour. It's a good thing Peter was driving. And that he kindly stopped and bought me a coffee and some timbits to console me. Doughnuts help heartache, you know.

We stopped in Billings MT last night and now we are in Denver. I figure we're about halfway, considering we have to stop in OKC to drop the puppy off at summer camp (aka, my parent's house) to stay until we close on our house.

So...here we are. I'm drinking wine out of a plastic cup and Bella is hiding/sleeping behind the armchair in our hotel room.

Tomorrow we carry on to OKC and then to Midland on Monday.


The Bloods said...

Do you have anytime for coffee with friends as you pass through OKC?

Peter and Anne said...

Sarah! I'm so sorry I just got this message! We would have loved to try to squeeze you guys in! We just got to Midland, but I'm sure we'll be back in OKC soon, or maybe we'll see you for a football game this fall!