Are you tired of mountain pictures yet?

Well don't worry, come Friday you won't see any more. You'll only get pictues of tumbleweeds rolling down the streets of Midland.

Sunday we went back to Lake Louise to hug the mountins and glacier lakes one last time before we depart. And to do the Lake Agnes Teahouse hike. We assumed (and you how that breaks down) that it would be an easy stroll. A lovely walk ending with a cup of tea and pristine view. Well, it was lovely and we did have tea, but the hike was no stroll. To get to the teahouse it is a full-on uphill hike the whole way up. My heart almost exploded.

Lovely Lake Louise. What you can't see is that it was crawling with people also taking in the mountain air.

Me and Bella...odd to be in front of the camera. Peter was the photographer for the day.

About halfway up the trail Peter pointed out my pants had a gaping hole in the hip. A good deal of flowery underwear and skin were showing. Oops. What's a girl to do but carry on.

This formation is called The Beehive and this is Mirror Lake. Oddly, this lake smelled like elephants. Bella had a little swim in it anyway. Incidently, she is at the groomer today...

The Lake Agnes Teahouse. Serving soup, sandwiches and tea. All supplies are brought up on horseback because there's no road that leads up here. There are also a million cute scampery chipmunks who live here, despite the many signs that clearly request you not feed them.

Lake Agnes did not smell like elephants. It was lovely, clear and cold.

Sidebar: We met a couple while we were lunching at the teahouse that were from Dallas (Flowermound, to be specific) so we mentioned we would shortly be moving to Midland. They choked on their tea, fell off their stools and had to be resusitated. Not really, but they did react with violent expressions of sympathy for our misfortune to have to move to west Texas. And they tried to convince us that the drive from Dallas to Midland is 10 hours. Good times.

3 days left...

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