Entitled: Bella Gets a New Bed

Warning: If you don't think my dog is the cutest and you think I'm nutso for posting videos of her, please navigate away from my blog for today. Thanks.

Today Bella got a new bed. A nice bed. A pretty bed. A rather expensive bed.

A bed formerly inhabited by the shop cat, Marg, who lives at the pet store.

When I brought it in, the following exchange went on for about 20 minutes:

Me: Bell! Look at your pretty new bed! Don't you want to lie down in it!
Bella: WTF! It smells like cat! Where is it???

The following video demonstrates. Bella looking for the cat, me trying to make her get in the damn bed.

Finally...but look how uncomfortable she is:

Turns out all she needed was a little moral support from Piggy.

Actually right after I took this, she hopped right out and hasn't been back all day.

Hm...Febreeze, maybe?

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