Watching news happen

This afternoon I took Bella swimming at this super great off leash swimming area along the Elbow River. Nice pebbly beach, water deep enough for her swim but not swift moving, lots of dogs to play with and a great place to wear her out with fetch in the water. We got there about 1:00. About five minutes later firemen, EMS and police start trooping along the water in pairs. A few asked me if I had seen any clothes by the water (I had not). Then the helicopters show up and start flying in low circles along the river. Something was definitely up. Come to find out, some rafters had found A DEAD BODY floating in the water about 200 yards from where we were playing and everyone was out searching for it. I suppose by "clothes" they really meant "dead body." Yack! At least we were upstream from the decomposition germs.

CTV Calgary - Body Pulled From Elbow River

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