Under Construction

My neighborhood, that is.

Three houses down they are building a new house and this week there have been GIANT bulldozers tearing up the street and digging big holes. For unidentified reasons. I can only assume they will soon be filling them back in.

My next door neighbors are re-siding their house (actually, putting up stone on the front), redoing their sidewalks and landscaping and fixing the edges of their roof. Yesterday they jackhammered the sidewalk up for about 4 hours and today the cement mixing truck showed up at 7:00 am. And all the while they have also been flinging junk down from the roof. Also, since their house is about 2.5 feet from ours the guys climb around on MY roof in order to be able to reach the roof-junk they are then flinging down. And they blast classic rock at about 900 decibals all day.


This afternoon I got home to see MY OWN BACKYARD full of dangerous equipment such as table saws, etc and a dude on my garage roof (technically not MY roof, we are renters after all). A quick phone call to my land lord revealed he is re-roofing the garage. Starting today.

Not that I mind. But a heads up would have been nice. I would have picked up the dog poop. Instead, since Landlord Mike didn't choose to let me know in advace about this invasion, they can wade around in the poo.

(Not really. I'll pick it up tonight when they leave)

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bryan and missy said...

if i were you... i would not clean up the dog poo... and i think i might add a little bit of my own... for good measure!