Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day here so Peter was off work. Here is what we did:

-slept late
-made chocolate croissants from scratch (lol...NOT. I bought frozen ones from a bakery and baked them. They were yum though)
-sat on the deck for about three hours
-finished the first OSU sock (pics coming soon)

Once we got dressed and moving we...

-went to the Canada Day festival at Prince's Island Park (along with about a bazillion other people. I'm surprised the island didn't sink with the weight of all the people there) where we heard good music, waited in SUPER long lines for tasty junk food and watched the crazies.

(ribbon fries...possibly my most favorite food ever)

Then we...

-went to Chapters and got some new books (buy 3 get one FREE! Who can resist?)
-saw Knight and Day (LOVED it! So funny! Part 007, part rom-com plus Cammy D, who I adore, balanced out my loathing of Tom Cruise. Also his character is a total charmer so that helped too)

And lastly, we...

-grabbed up Bella and some camp chairs and went to see fireworks from the dog park hill overlooking downtown.

To all you Americans - happy 4th! Enjoy the weekend!

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