On this one episode of Sex and the City, the girls talk about their Secret Single Behaviors, in other words, things they did when they were single that they wouldn't want their boyfriends to see. I can't remember what theirs were, something to do with examining pores and eating loads of junk food.

When I am a single gal (as I am this week, since Peter is in Tulsa on business), my SSB looks like this:
-order a load of Indian take-out and eat off it all week
-watch Harry Potter movies
-let my hair air-dry and don't straighten it (sounds innocent, but its actually frightening)
-wear sweatpants ALL DAY
-suspend all housewifely duties until immediately before he gets back and then, in a frantic blitz, cover my lazy tracks by cramming all the housework and grocery shopping I didn't do during the week into one afternoon

So, I must go. I've got a lot of HP movies to get through. Cheerio.

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