No TV Wednesdays

At my request (insistance) we have started No TV Wednesday Nights. Last night was the first one. Now, technically it's supposed to be No Technology Wednesday Nights, but I thought we should ease into so we had the laptop out looking at blogs and Facebook also. The question, when you turn off the tv, is what to do? I admit, it was awkward. I was knitting, Peter was surfing. It was silent.

So then we decided to play Would You Rather!
Here were some of the questions (feel free to answer if you like):

Would you rather...
-go to work without pants or a shirt?
-break both your legs or both your arms?
-speak in only swear words or only in loud opera singing?
-stay in the same job with no raises/promotions or rise to the top but get fired for a sex scandel?
-be super ugly and famous or super hot and lead a normal life?

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