Made for TV

Yesterday I watched a terrible (secretly awesome) Lifetime movie starring Tori Spelling. Which is the entire reason I started watching in the first place, I loved 90210 dearly back in the day, I was curious to see good ol' Donna Martin all grown up.

Well. Then I got sucked in by the intense glory of the plot!

Tori and her (super hot doctor) husband move to a small town so he can take over his dead father's medical practice. They desperately want a baby and have been trying invitro, with no success. Then The Other Woman shows up and befriends lonely Tori (but secretly she is an old flame of the husband's, on whom he himself performed an abortion of their love-child many years ago, which obviously sent her into a spiral of craziness from which she rises to exact her delicious revenge upon dear, sweet, innocent Tori) and puts into action her psycho plan to oust Tori as the dear doctor's barren wife and replace her, whereapon she steals Tori and hubby's last embryos and conceives their child, kills Tori's beloved cat, AND HER MOTHER, and generally flaunts her pregnant state. After she has the baby (and admits the baby is indeed actually Tori's and in a fit of benevolence, because after all they are friends) she tries to send Tori packing (instead of killing her), which doesn't go over well with dear Tori. The whole movie is totally worth the ending scene in which Tori is chasing the harlot around with a knife and yelling in this gutteral demonic voice. In the end, the psycho girl falls down the stairs onto the knife, thus absolving Tori of any guilt. and the rest live happily ever after!

It's called Hush. You should really see it.

Whew. It was a delightful way to spend a rainy afternoon, indeed. Not to mention the inches of knitting I got done while watching.

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