1 Month Old

My little man is one month old today!

I really cannot believe how quickly this first month has passed (especially considering how little of it I spent sleeping!). Henry grows and changes every day, we love watching him think and learn about his new world. It's been a busy month for him, he has met both sets of grandparents and all his uncles and his aunt as well as lots of friends. 

He weighs 10 lbs and 8 oz (or he did last week at the doctor's office - probably more now). So he is a big boy! He loves to hold his head up and can hold it up for a long time. He loves to watch the ceiling fan (which, incidentally, is why he is not looking at the camera in any of the 1 month photos I took, Mama just cannot compete with that fan!). He has started sleeping pretty well at night, about 4 hours before the first feeding and then 3ish after that. He has been on lots of little field trips with me - to Target, Babies R Us and HEB, and he likes to ride in the car and in the shopping cart - or at least he falls asleep in them, which is great.

He also went to church for the first time on Easter, though he did not enjoy it very much. He hung out during the worship, but starting fussing the very second the paster got up to speak. So he and I hung out in the foyer for the rest of the service.

 And this is our attempt at our first family photo on Easter morning. As you can see, it did not go well. But it's funny to look back at...Hank is screaming, I have spit up all over me, Peter kept having to reset the self-timer on the camera (which was perched perilously on a stack of cookbooks) and run into the picture. I love that an off-center, baby screaming, head cut off picture was the best we could do. Good times.

And in case you're wondering how Bella is taking the new arrival in her world...this is how she feels about it. Look at that little face...

She tolerates Hank very well. Even comes to check on him when he is crying. But I think she feels a little abandoned and very needy. She has always followed me around, but her invisible tether has gotten somewhat shorter and she is usually never more than about 6 inches from me now. Literally under my chair, laying on my feet, squeezed between the big chair and the ottoman. I think she's reminding me that she is, in fact, still my "firstborn." Sweet puppy.

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Kat said...

I can't believe it's been a month already!

I, for one, love the off-center, head-cropped photo...but maybe it's just because ALL of my photos look like that.

Sweet Bella- I'm glad she's adjusting to the new arrival...and at least she has Simba to keep her company while you are occupied.

And, of course, you look fantastic!