Last week Bella and I went camping in the Kananaskis with my dear friend Michelle and some of her family. We had an awesome time and I so grateful they invited us! I'm posting alot of pictures, so I'll try to keep the words to a minimum...

This is Michelle

Her parents and aunts/uncles all have their own trailers and ALL THE CAMPING STUFF YOU'D EVER NEED. We slept in a tent and ate their yummy meals. Seriously. Best breakfasts ever. And dinners complete with cocktails and appetizers. That little bed in front of the tent is where Bella would crash for HOURS after hiking.

Hike #1: Upper Kananaskis Lake to Rawson Lake

Upper Kananaskis Lake

The hike up was so beautiful. The pictures seem to wash out the rich green color of everything, in person it was so lush.

It was so forresty and beautiful. I kept thinking I might just see Oberon and Titania and maybe naughty Puck peeking out from a tree.

Rawson Lake

We stopped for lunch here and then went back down.

Hike #2: King Creek

This entire hike followed this river up a canyon. Bella loved the water!

There were "dry footers" and "wet footers." That little guy is Finn, he's a dry footer and tip toed across logs to get to the other side with some of the others. Bella and I and some others just waded across.

Tired puppy having a teeny nap at lunch.

Hike #3: Elbow Lake & Rae Glacier

Elbow Lake

That white spot is Rae Glacier, we hiked just to the bottom of it. This pic was taken about halfway up the trail.

Along the way we found a snowdrift and the dogs went NUTSO.

View from the top. We came from way down at the bottom of that green bit.

Finally...this is just a funny video of the dogs playing. Finn is a puppy and he REALLY loved to wrestle with Bella. Watch how he gets her closer to him when she gets too far away...clever puppy.

I'm so glad I got to spend some time camping and hiking before we left! Michelle and I have been planning and talking about this trip nearly since we met so it was awesome to finally go!

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