We're working our way through season one of 24 (since we only VERY recently jumped on the bandwagon). Bit late, yes I know.  I like the show, but Jack Bauer's shenanigans do go on and on so I've been getting lots done on my current knitting project, which I am now ready to share with you. It's nearly done, just needs some sleeves (which will require ANOTHER trip to the knitting store for a different circular needle). It's a shruggy-sweater kind of thing. Until very recently it was a long rectangle, then last night while Jack got himself into big trouble with the FBI (it's all a misunderstanding though I assure you - his wife and daughter have been kidnapped!), I did some fancy, and a bit scary, binding off that made it into a shrug shape. Amazing!
Front. The nubs on the sides will soon have sleeves.

Back: It will hopefully look less wonky after it's finished.

When it's all done it should look just like this:

(except I won't stand like that when I'm wearing it)

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Kat said...

Okay, that shrug is AMAZING!!!! The farthest I've ever gotten is..um...one-eighth of a scarf.

It is going to be so cozy for the cool evenings on your deck!