Interview and Beer Can Chicken

So I think the interview went pretty well. Of course I have been obsessing a teensy bit about how I could have answered some of the questions better. And I wish I could have stapled my hands to my thighs to keep me from waving them around while I talked. I did pretty good keeping them still, but a few times they got loose and took off.  The principal was super friendly and I really liked her. The school facility is nice and seems well supported by donors. The principal told me she has a lot of candidates to go through and not to expect an response back until mid-late May. I am one of many, but hopefully I made a good impression.

And then we made Beer Can Chicken.

Here's how: stir up a rub made of garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, salt and pepper and after you rinse off and dry Mr. Chicken, rub him down. Pour out about 1/3 of a room temperature beer (into a glass so you can drink it, natch) and then set Mr. C's bum right down over the can (he will balance on his little feet and the can like a tripod) and put him right on the grill. Grill at med-high temp for about 1 1/4 hours (or until the internal temp reaches 170). Be sure to let him rest for about 10 mins before you carve him up! We had grilled potatos and carrots with it. 

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