They say yoga is supposed to energize you. On the contrary, it zaps (rabbit trail: is the appropriate word sap, like draining a tree, or zap, like "don't taze me bro"? I'm not sure. I'm going with zap because that image is funnier) me of all my enegry and leaves me lethargic.

So I took a nap this afternoon. Tried. Tried to take a nap, actually. But my feet were cold. And all I could think about was how cold my feet were, but I was taking a nap (dammit!) and wouldn't get up for some socks. So I just lay there with my eyes shut. For an hour. Thinking about my cold feet.

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Kat said...

Yoga (well, not just yoga, but all exercise) makes me sleepy too- energizing, my butt!!!