Coffee and blogging on a Wednesday morning

There is so much going on in my life that I refuse to (or am contractually obligated not to) post online. I don't know what to write about! Call me though, and I'll tell you all about it.

Here are a few favorite things about kinder:

1. The term "whycause" (instead of because) that one student uses consistantly. As in, "Why did you take that crayon out of your friend's hand?" "Whycause I wanted to use it!"

2. 90% of them say "hanitizer" instead of hand sanitizer. 

3. I get a hug from my biggest behavior problem every time I have to change his clip for doing something awful. I'd like to think he's sorry and knows I'm trying to help him, but I don't think he's that self-aware. He probably just needs a hug and at least I know he trusts me to give him one.

4. A little girl picked up a book (not even a very easy one either) last week and started READING. Words I have not taught them. She was putting into practice the strategies for using letter sounds that I repeat OVER AND OVER. Yay!

And in case it is you're wondering how I'm posting at 9am on a Wednesday, we are having a delayed start for the 4th day out of the last 6 because of "extreme temperatures." I laugh, but I do not complain. Nothing wrong with rolling over and going back to sleep for two hours!

Peter is good, Bella is good. Our house is good. Midland is....Midland.

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