It all happened so fast!

I just got back in town from my first lil' taste of life in Midland. Other than that everyone wants to shoot President Obama, it seems like a nice place to live. We'll just avoid political conversations I think...no need to provoke violence from anybody. Truely, the heat is not that bad. It's hot, no doubt about that, but it's not very humid and it does get cool-ish at night so the heat is not so oppressive.

We met with a great realtor and looked a ton of houses and the very last one we saw on Day 2 was it! We walked in a loved it to pieces. It's perfect for us now, and will be an easy sell once its time to leave Midland. It's the "baby house" on a big block, meaning the square footage and price is smaller than others in a very desirable neighborhood that feeds into the best schools in Midland district. Also, some of Peter's collegues live in the neighborhood, so we might have some friends close by. And they all have dogs, so friends for Bella too! Peter will supervise the inspection tomorrow and we close on August 27th! Here are some pics, taken from the listing online.

front (3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage, 1800 sq ft)

living room (yes, that is tile you see before you. Tile in the living area seems to be quite common in Midland)

kitchen (a glasstop electric stove is my only complaint, I much prefer gas BUT the granite counter tops do make up for that...so I forgive)

beautiful, fantastic, HUGE master bath, there is a large tub and TWO WALK IN CLOSETS to the right in this picture)

backyard and patio

I feel a bit like I might be jinxing us by sharing photos before the deal is done, counting your chickens and all that. But we've signed the contract and they've signed the contract and barring anything horrid discovered during the inspection, everything should go through with no problem.

Overall, buying a home together was not as frightening and intimidating as I thought it would be. We were blessed to work with a truely amazing realtor who walked us through everything with patience and humor (she has been selling homes in Midland for like 50 years, so she knows EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Literally. She would point out who lives where and share delicious gossip about them as we drove around. We'll have to be sure to keep our noses clean or else she'll be driving people around our neighborhood and telling our secrets to potential customers). She put us in contact with an awesome lady at a local mortgage company who was a dream to work with. Now we just tie up the loose ends and in just a few short weeks we'll be living in our VERY OWN HOME!

It's like we're grown ups or something.

Now I must go organize and clean. The movers come to pack our stuff on Monday.

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Sharee said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful!!! So excited for you. That kitchen is to die for.