Would you please check out this monstrous bite on my foot?

It's huge and very swollen (though you can't really see the swelling in the picture too much). I have not a clue what bit me, but I think it was not a poisonous spider because:
a. I'm not crippled by fever and vomiting
b. I'm not dead

So that's good news.

BUT I also think it was not a mosquito because it doesn't itch. Nor do I think it was a bee because I don't recall any kind of a stinger situation.

It's a mystery.

And it kind of hurts.

And it kind of really hurts to wear flip-flops.

Which is a total bummer because it finally stopped raining in Calgary.


The Bloods said...
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The Bloods said...

Wow! That looks like no fun. If you can't really see the swelling in the picture, I would not want to see it in real life. Your foot looks REALLY swollen to me. I hope it feels better soon!!!!

Kate said...

I've had mosquito bites like that. It hurts because it's so sowlen that everything is being stretched and pulled. I don't know why they don't itch as much as the little ones though.