OSU Socks

This is my knitting basket. It's full of junk (amazing since I only started knitting a few months ago). Knitting books, leftover yarn, Lily's blanket (yet unfinished), two new balls of gorgeous wool I HAD to have though I don't know what to do with, and right on top my latest project, OSU Socks for Peter.

I like the way they are turning out, though I hope blocking (washing and shaping) will do the miracle for these socks that it did for my lumpy sweater. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Far in the future, because I have to make another whole sock when this one is done (imagine, a pair!).

They are not difficult, necessarily, but they are done on double pointed needles (which means I use 5 at a time to knit different parts, that's what makes the squares) and the needles are TEENY.

This is the goal (except orange, obviously):

I'll let you know how it goes!


bryan and missy said...

Those are the most awesome socks... EVER. I love them. And I love that you knit. It makes me smile!

Kate said...

So um....when am I getting my Annie original brand of legwarmers????

Peter and Anne said...

OMG Kate - I see SO MUCH STUFF in my pattern books that I want to make for you to teach class in...but I didn't know if you would wear them. Would you wear leg warmers?

Kate said...

Um you have noooo idea!!! Remember Kay's skirts...well let's just say I'm like that with legwarmers ;) You remember my crazy toe socks!

Peter and Anne said...

Yay! Leg warmers it is! Probably not for awhile though. What are your favorite colors?

Kate said...

duh!!! PINK! I like most colors, but I don't really want brown ones ;)