You just can't make this up

Just now a lady came to my door trying for donations for something...Let me just recap the conversation for you (I SWEAR I am NOT making this up):

Lady: Good evening...is your mom or dad home?
Me: Uh...well...uh...they...don't live here, this is my house.
L: Oh...so sorry...you don't look old enough.
M: Older than you think, what can I do for you (already kind of pissed)?
L: blah blah blah (starts her speech about whatever she is asking donations for)
M: No thanks, not today. Thanks for coming by.
L: Ok no worries, have a good evening (starts to turn to leave, pats her tummy and says...) So are you expecting a girl or a boy?
M: ......(crickets chirping).......I'm not pregnant. (slams door ungraciously).  

Ok folks.  I'm insulted in every possible way.  I'm not old enough to be answering my own door, but I AM old enough to be carrying an (non-existant) illegitimate child? Ouch. I may not weigh what I did when I went to college. Or even what I weighed when I got married. But pregnant? Really? Do I laugh or cry? I'm not sure. I think I'll have a glass of wine while I try to not think about it.


Kat said...

Um, wow. Just- WOW.

And, as someone who saw you last week, I can attest that you do not look the least bit pregnant, AT ALL. You look fantastic, as always!

Kate said...

Bahaha!!!!! I've already done the "this is MY house" thing several times. Luckily I haven't had the tummy pat yet, but I assure you that you do NOT look preggers in anyway!

Peter and Anne said...

Kate - no one says that to you because you are a ballet teacher and you are in wicked shape!

Kate said...

Ha I wish!!!!! I'm still way larger than you...especially my tummy area. Maybe I've just learned to hide it over the years.

bryan and missy said...

I think we all have those hilarious and humiliating stories. I got carded to see if I was 17 a few weeks ago AND I have been asked if I was pregnant! Oh the joys of getting that area of fat right around the belly button! haha