I actually finished last week, but I'm just now getting to posting pictures. My shrug/sweater is done! It's really pretty and smooth. I must say blocking (really just washing and laying flat to dry) a finished piece is kind of a miracle. Before I did, the sweater looked like a lump, now its beautiful, if I do say so myself.


And if you flip it upside down, it makes a different look

This was seriously SUCH an easy project. And it turns out great!

Next I am making some socks for Peter. I had to order the yarn online so I have to wait a bit to start. Anyone want to take a guess what colors he requested?


bryan and missy said...

Love it.
I like it upside down!

and I hope Peter asked for orange!

The Bloods said...

My guess is he asked for orange and black!

Peter and Anne said...

Bahaha...of course! You two win! Pat yourselves on the back. OSU SOCKS! Yay!

bryan and missy said...

Well... no I am not eating meat. But I am not s crazy strict vegan. I am not eating 'animal' meat, but I do eat fish and stuff like that. Bryan and I did it last summer as a challenge and for fun and I really liked it. It was hard at first... but then I just felt better. Vegetarian food almost ALWAYS tastes better!