Things that have happened (in no particular order)

  • Peter and I went to India with his family (and Paris on the way home)
  • I got (and survived!) H1N1
  • My parents came up for a visit in the fall
  • Bella got approved as a therapy dog in a program called PALS. We now volunteer at a nursing home every other week and do various other "special visits" to schools occasionally. This week we start a reading program at the libraryy where kids will read to her.
  • I went to Oklahoma/Texas to see my family in February
  • We did not go to the Olympics
  • I quit my job. And haven't heard a peep from anywhere I've sent my resume to. Due to complicated certification reasons, I'm at the bottom of the pile as far as job candidates. I'm feeling its unlikely I will get another teaching job here. What else to do?
  • Our friends here (the dog park people) had a baby girl in the fall!
  • I learned to knit! I have made a scarf, a baby blanket for my niece, and I am working on a shawl/sweater thing for myself.
  • I turned 27
  • Peter's little brother came to see us for his spring break
  • We skiied (how do you spell ski in the past tense?) A LOT
  • It's FINALLY spring in Calgary
And things that are going to happen:
  • I *might* get to start volunteering at a yoga studio in exchange for free classes! (fingers crossed!)
  • We are coming up on our two-years-in-Calgary anniversary. No, we do not have any inside information on what will happen as far as moving in the next year. I will let you know when we know!
  • We are also coming up on our three-years-as-married-people anniversary. Officially not going to be newlyweds anymore.
  • We are going to the Okanagan (wine country in BC) and Vancouver in June
Now you're caught up!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Wow that's some recap! I feel a little boring now ...

Rachel said...

love the recap and definitely hope y'all will be moving back south after Calgary!

good luck with the yoga possibility!