I have secret aspirations of learning how to be a photographer. Not a professional, of course. But impressive. I have a good camera, which is a good start, and I recently discovered one of my favorite bloggers The Pioneer Woman, whose photography I very much admire, has a section on her site for newbie photogs. Of course she also has a ranch full of people and animals to capture...I'll have to look more carefully for interesting subjects around here.

I'm into (what I very recently learned is called ) macro photography. As you can see from the pics of Bella up top. They are some of my favorites because I think they are interesting. She is a good subject because she doesn't complain when I get in her face. I think strangers might.

I'm not sure I have an "artistic eye." Is that something one can learn? I hope so. Here are some things I am going to try:

1. Position myself in unusal places to get shots of whatever from an interesting angle.
2. Use manual mode on my camera
3. Learn about composition
4. Bring my camera with me places more (it doesn't do much good sitting at home!)
5. Post some of my pictures here

Alright then. Go team.

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